Middle Eastern Cancer Story

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African Cancer Story

African countries have always had a high disease burden, with a high prevalence of communicable diseases. However, with an

Indian Cancer Story

India, the largest democracy in the world is also the most populated country in the world today. However, for the booming 1.3 billion people, the cancer scenario is still quite grim. India has a prevalence of about 3.5 million cancer cases, with, 1.5 million new cases being diagnosed yearly. It is also worrisome to know … Read moreIndian Cancer Story

Is Cancer Second opinion right for you?

Cancer Second Opinion

As it has been rightly said before “A second opinion never hurts whether it is in medicine or in politics”. Cancer is one of the dreaded disease of the global world & people often feel helpless and directionless on how to cope with its treatment. Most of us are scared, confused or anxious not because … Read moreIs Cancer Second opinion right for you?