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Oncologists within India have realised importance of cancer second opinion from world class institutes from abroad. As mentioned in medlineplus doctors are usually happy to assists patients arrange a second opinion especially when treatment approach is not clear. At Onco-Connect we see many patients been referred from their doctors for recurrent cancers or rare types of cancers. We also receive queries for international cancer second opinion where treatment line in India has divided opinions or needs super specialist input through clinical researchers in the U.K and USA. 

As Indian cancer cases mount up to 15 Lakhs per year and total cases reach 80 Lakhs, doctors and patients are looking at ways to improve survivorship through access to latest research, clinical trials and technology in treating this disease. It is imperative for patients to understand the importance of international consultant opinions and how they can change the treatment line back home. Indian patients and oncologists are getting more accustomed to this pathway as it assists patients in improving their quality of life and prevents clarity in treatment protocols. We at Onco-Connect want to create a seamless pathway for these protocols and consultations to become a norm as we try to beat cancer in its path. 

As Bhavesh Vaswani from South Mumbai explains “ Onco-connect has been an amazing platform in my family’s fight against cancer, unlike other diseases the treatment for cancer depends highly on the personal insights and experience of the primary oncologist, this is why a second opinion is very important. In my mother’s case being a rare ovarian cancer, we got the second opinion through Onco-connect from a carefully selected clinical oncologist Dr Park from the UK Institute that helped us to make the right decision and that lead to a change in the treatment line in contrast that was suggested earlier by doctors in India.

Why Indian patients want access to cancer institutes and soft contacts are not enough?

In India it is a common practice to ask consultants from abroad however getting a world class written report answering all questions through an institute is rarely done. Soft contact approach may be effective in terms of reduced pricing but is not a long term solution. This approach happens because the patients and doctors find it extremely hard to get in touch with these institutes and their reply may wary upto 3-4 weeks which is not feasible to wait in cancer. 

Onco-Connect aims to redefine this by providing written second opinions within a limited time frame from these very institutes. We want patients to receive opinions from top consultants such as Professor Seckl at Imperial Healthcare ; Dr Wagner at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ; Dr Tiam in Parkway centre to name a few. We assist patients in collection of reports, selection of best institute & doctor for their cancer type and receive the report within a quick time frame. It is imperative to understand importance of getting registered with top cancer hospitals for their second opinions through Onco-Connect rather than getting a report from someone who may be working at these institutes. Once you are on database of an institute you will always have a follow up line if anything is needed in the future, all your data is always secured in accordance to data protection act and if need of medical travel is needed then assistance is provided through medical concierge for visa, travel and appointments.

Onco-Connect helps you get international cancer second opinion, latest treatment recommendations, access to clinical trials research institutes & worldwide pharmacy along with assistance to travel abroad for your cancer treatment. We firmly believe to transform not only cancer care in India but societies perception towards it; thus providing access to world’s best cancer institutes is the first step towards it.

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