Advances in air travel have made the world a smaller place. More and more people are willing to travel to different parts of the world for their medical treatments. Medical tourism for cancer care is increasingly becoming popular in Germany.

Talking of Germany; it is synonymous with advanced technology, high quality and state-of-the-art facilities. Their healthcare system is considered to be one of the best in the world and especially for cancer care. Germany has recently become a cancer care nucleus for people who fly in from different countries of the European Union, Northern Africa, Western Asia and even the Americas. Though there are no known figures, but an estimated 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 patients visit Germany for their medical and health treatments each year.

German Cancer care 

What makes Germany different from its other countries when it comes to excellence in cancer care? 

Some reasons that make cancer care in Germany attractive to patients worldwide are: 

  • Advanced technology – including diagnostic and treatment devices and machines
  • High standards of care
  • Easy access to the best physicians and oncologists with global degrees
  • Strict ethical standards
  • Relatively cheaper costs(2-4 times cheaper than the USA)
  • Great cost: The quality ratio of treatments 

All these together result in high cure and success rates of cancer cases that Germany is known for.

World Class Cancer Care Centres

There are many known cancer care centres in Germany such as University Hospital Charite, University Hospital of Dresden, Cancer Centre Germany, and many more that specialise in treatments of all types and stages of cancer. Infact many patients come to Germany in the most advanced stages of cancer (stages IV and V) as their last chance of survival. 

All the certified cancer care centres in Germany are extremely well organised and meet strict standards of care. Each centre must have an integrated quality management system. They are easy to locate and one can find them on the German Cancer Society website.

The German government performs quality checks on these hospitals and centres and has strong control over the quality of services they provide. Even treatment prices are controlled by the state which prevents foreign patients from paying unnecessarily more for their treatments.

Cancer Medications and advanced treatments. 

The German pharmaceutical scenario also gives a helping hand in promoting and accelerating successful cancer care by developing innovative and advanced drugs like Nivolumab, Trastuzumab to name a few. The variety of treatments available in Germany also outnumber many of the advanced countries with the presence of therapies like Precision Proton Beam Therapy, Molecular Therapy, Immunotherapy, or Intra-operative Radiation therapy.

German cancer care can be easily summarized in three words: Quality, Accuracy and Success!

With such excellence in cancer care, it is not unfair to call Germany a country with one of the best cancer survival rates in the world! 

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