Online Cancer Second Opinion

Online Cancer Second Opinion: What are my options?

Being diagnosed with cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. You want to do everything possible to set yourself up for treatment success. But it’s easy to question whether you’re doing everything right. Online Cancer second opinion is important if you want to be sure you receive an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment options. About 60% of treatment line changes in cancer care after a second opinion in India. 

Whether you are seeking sarcoma treatmentbreast cancer treatment or lung cancer treatment recommendations it is ultimately your right but also your responsibility to seek this online second opinion.

So what options do Indian patients have to get Cancer Second Opinions

1.Online Cancer Second Opinion in India: With ever increasing cases of cancer in India and lack of comprehensive cancer care in all districts of the country, cancer second opinion online would provide reassurance that you are receiving accurate diagnosis and treatment options. Cancer treatment in India is moving forward in the right direction by focusing on cancer prevention, cancer screening, cancer diagnosis. The best oncologists in India are advocating approach which are more holistic in nature. Indian patients have high incidence of blood cancer diagnosis, breast cancer diagnosis, stomach cancer diagnosis, cervical cancer diagnosis, oral cancer diagnosis and lung cancer diagnosis thus making it imperative to get screened appropriately for early detection.                                                    

2. Cancer Second Opinion UK: With international opinions getting more accessible to Indian patients, Second Opinion Cancer UK may provide with advanced treatment options. Remote cancer second opinion from top cancer institutes such as Imperial Private Healthcare, Royal Marsden or London Clinic for rare cancers could be vital. Indian patients find it easier to get treated in UK making the cancer second opinion more valuable. Many patients get estimate for breast cancer treatment cost in UK, lung cancer treatment in UK, liver cancer treatment in UK & prostate cancer treatment in UK.  These common cancers are provided with several different treatment options including oncology clinical trials. UK health service has been ranked world’s best in terms of quality, effectiveness and clinical research. Access and choice to these institutes in UK would help Indian cancer patients for cost effective but world class oncology care. 

3. Cancer Second Opinion USA: American Institutes are one of the finest for cancer treatment and second opinions from Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson and Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer centre provide accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and clinical trials match with doctors who are trained with special expertise. Cancer treatment in USA can be very expensive however with remote cancer second opinion many of patients can get treated within India. Access to best oncologist in the world through online cancer second opinions would redefine cancer treatment in India as cancer treatment cost in USA can be out of reach for many patients. 

The second opinions would provide detailed response on whether 

Further Investigations such as pet scan for cancer, MRI or CT scans are needed 

Cancer histopathology needs review through Tumour Slides sent to specialist centres in UK or USA

Genetic testing such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS sequencing) is extremely important to know chemo sensitivity and precision medicine. 

Any other tumour markers like tumour markers in gynaecology, carcinoembryonic antigen, her2 test, CA-125, CA19-9 is needed

Advanced treatment options such as immunotherapy for lung cancer, cyberknife, nanoknife, proton beam therapy are taken into account.

New medications such as mekinist, tafinlar, midostaurin, Blincyto, idelalisib, trifluridine, niraparib, keytrudaare may also be recommended depending upon the NGS reports for different cancer types. 

Second Opinion Recommendation

You certainly can ask your doctor for a referral. But it’s a good idea to try to see someone at another institution. Every medical organisation has its own culture and approaches. For example, doctors at one hospital may prefer to monitor certain cancers instead of using more aggressive procedures to treat them. By getting a second opinion, you can learn more about your options and which may be most suitable for you and your situation. It never hurts to get a fresh point of view.

It is also important for all Indian patients to take a second opinion from cancer institutes in UK or USA rather than through doctors friends in those countries. This allows them access to oncology clinical trials or any other treatment option available in that country in addition to unbiased overview. Another advantage is access to easier medical visa procedure, accommodation and appointment planning with the institute of repute. 

So if you are looking for cancer second opinion then we summarise 3 important things that you need to consider

  1. Second opinion is your responsibility and right 
  2. Get an opinion from cancer institute of repute rather than friends, families and soft contacts. 
  3. Access cancer platforms which are legible and recognised.
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