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Second Opinion is reassurance
of your diagnosis and treatment choices

“45% patients had a change in diagnosis and/or treatment options after their second opinion.”

US Second Opinion Survey
July 2015

Commonly Requested Cancer Second Opinions

"Only 12% receive confirmation that the original diagnosis was complete & correct"
- Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 2017

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  • Expert online second opinion
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Our global oncology network covers all and rare types of cancer

Dr N S Vimalathithan

Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Trained at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, India

Gynaecological Cancer | Breast Cancer

Gleneagles Global Hospital | Chennai

Dr Monika Pansari

Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Trained at New Delhi, India

Cytoreduction Surgery | Gynaecological Cancer

Gleneagles Global Hospital | Bangalore

Dr Aristeidis Chaidos

Consultant Haematologist

Trained at Hammersmith Hospital, London

Multiple Myeloma | Stem Cell Transplant

Imperial Private Healthcare | London

Frequently asked questions

A Second Opinion is a complete evaluation of your medical history, diagnosis & treatment plan a cancer expert. It will either make you aware of new and advanced treatment options or it may reassure you that you are already receiving the best available treatment.

Second opinions can make you aware of new and advanced treatment options. Research has shown that between 20% and 60% of patients have a change of diagnosis or treatment plan after their second opinion.

Second Opinions are usually requested when there is uncertainty about their diagnosis or if treatment options are complicated or risky. You may like to consider a second opinion in particular when:

  1. You are uncertain about your treatment plan.
  2. You are unsure about surgery.
  3. You have recurrent or residual cancer.
  4. You have rare type of cancer
  5. You would like to explore additional or advanced treatment options.
  6. You need Tumour block or tissue analysis for Histo-Pathology

You would need to submit the following documents:

  1. Your Medical History.
  2. Recent imaging / scan reports.
  3. Recent lab and blood reports.
  4. Recent Histo-pathology reports.
  5. Genetic testing reports if applicable.
  6. Discharge summary of you have been admitted to any hospital or have had any surgery
  7. Medication History

We connect you to global experts in oncology care. They work at the world’s leading hospitals, conduct clinical research to pioneer diagnosis and treatments. They are leaders within their professional associations and also teach at the top medical universities.

Once we receive all your documents, they will be send to the expert in your cancer type. The specialist will review your case records in detail and send a written second opinion; within 5-7 working days.
You will receive your second opinion report via email in PDF format. On request we can send you your report by post.

We think it is important that you share any additional second opinions with your local oncologist. Many doctors appreciate input from leaders in their field from state – of – art – institutes and will be happy that you have chosen to take an active role in your treatment decisions.

It is rarely seen for patients to take multiple second opinions from different health systems. However you could take multiple second opinions, shall you wish to. Please contact us for further guidance and assistance.

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