Join us to redefine cancer care

Help us build a world where healthcare is accessible to eveyone.

We believe it is important to connect rural and urban landscapes of the world to best cancer instutions & doctors. We believe that everyone, regardless of budget or location, should have access to quality, affordable and timely cancer care.

We hope to develop a culture where anyone irrespective of position or experience can contribute ideas and help in building distinctive products.

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Cancer Care for every budget

We encourage cross-team collaborations whether working with a patient, a hospital, a doctor or an NGO. Everyone within the team is proud to be part of dynamic, innovative and pioneering company which is set to redefine global cancer care.

We are based in Mumbai, heart of start up industry in India. This is a city that never sleeps & has one of the most diverse cultures in India.

We work with people across the globe making us a truly international workplace.