Chemotherapy Day Centre in Mumbai

Choose chemotherapy day care centres in Mumbai

Chemotherapy treatment in Mumbai can be physically and financially intensive and exhaustive for the patient and his/her family members. Choosing right chemotherapy day care centres in Mumbai would make or break your finances and eventual treatment costs.

Apart from the various drugs that are used in treating different cancers, patients pay a huge sum of money for hospital bills and chemotherapy medicines. Infact, in-patient chemotherapy treatments take the lion’s share of a cancer patient’s treatment costs thus day centres for chemotherapy in mumbai make sense. Chemotherapy Day care centres in Mumbai cut costs by almost 50%.

In-patient chemotherapy in Mumbai has been the mainstay of cancer care for many years but the trend is now shifting towards outpatient day centres for this treatment.

Whenever anyone hears of the word ‘chemotherapy’, instantly we are all transported to a hospital setting with the patient being given infusions from time to time. As a cancer patient, this scene might be very routine for some people and others are reluctant to go ahead with the treatment due to the tediousness of the procedure.

Also, staying at the hospital for the entire period  for the chemotherapy sessions can be mentally quite depressing for the patients. The bigger dampener of the patient’s spirits is the mounting hospital bill each time they come for their chemotherapy sessions.

Due to all these issues, chemotherapy is often feared and looked at negatively. In cancer care, it is important that the patient be strong, motivated, positive and optimistic as these play an important role in his/her successful treatment.

The average cost of a chemotherapy session in India ranges from INR 56,000 to INR 2,80,000. The average chemotherapy usually consists of 6 sessions. It is quite evident how the costs just escalate for cancer patients, isn’t it? At the same time, staying at the hospital for a few days at a stretch can also cause the patient to lose out on his/her job or work hours.

While all these are the many disadvantages of in-patient chemotherapy sessions, complicated cases of chemotherapeutic infusions require one to be admitted to the hospital. Having said that, governments of various countries are encouraging people to move to day chemotherapy sessions by covering these procedures under cancer insurance policies.

Outpatient chemotherapy in day centres are way more economical than in-patient ones. In this mode, the patient gets admitted to the outpatient centre, receives chemotherapeutic administration of the drug and after a short while of resting, they can go about their daily routine.

They save the night-time stay charges and hospital admission charges straightaway. The patients also do not need to stay for days at a stretch in the hospital away from the comfort of their homes and this has been observed to play a positively motivating force in the success of their treatment. They can recuperate after a chemotherapy session at home, in the midst of their loved ones which is way more beneficial than staying put at the hospital.

Since the patient can go home and about his/her routine activities post the session, his/her caregivers can also provide support without disruption of their schedules. Day centres also save the lodging cost of the caregiver or family member. In many countries, due to the lack of hospital beds, admission for chemotherapy sessions can be delayed and this can be a set-back in one’s cancer treatment. But, this can be avoided in the case of a day centre as patients do not stay there.

There have been many advances in the chemotherapy drugs that are making it possible to encourage more and more patients to choose outpatient chemotherapy at day centres rather than the inpatient hospital sessions for the treatment. This is a welcome and a positive trend for cancer patients and the entire realm of cancer care as it helps to improve efficiency of care and thereby, reduce the global burden of the disease.




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