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Onco-Connect was inspired from our personal experience when we decided to take a second opinion for a family member; which resulted in it being a life changing decision. The  second opinion expanded our treatment options and consequently enhanced our family member’s quality of life.

We realised that there is a steady rise of cancer cases but limited opportunities for oncology-specific second opinions and medical travel. We believe that the urban and rural lanscapes of the world should have access to global cancer experts.

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Our mission is to improve cancer awareness, prevention, screening and treatment options. Our network ranges from top cancer centers to expert doctors accross different countries.

We have dedicated International and Indian Patient Center to help patients with their treatment options.

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Dr. Neha Vora
Founder & Director

Combining passion, perfection & ability to provide solutions was the sole purpose of starting Onco-Connect. Having traveled more than 40 countries and worked in the National Health Service, London, U.K.; in various operational management & clinical leadership roles, it was imperative to dream, explore, discover & create a difference for cancer care. I believe that out of all forms of inequality and injustice, it is most diabolical in health care; and it is my vision to transform not only cancer care but societies perception towards it as well.
Dr. Atul Kulkarni
Founder & Director

Desire to see cancer care being connected through digital health in urban and rural landscapes was the focus of starting Onco-Connect. Having worked in multiple health systems it was essential that this care needs to reach people where access, choice and infrastructure is limited. With work experience in the National Health Service, London, U.K in various management, social enterprise exchange and clinical leadership roles it was essential to create a system wherein I believe that cancer care should be a civil right and not a privilege to be purchased.