NGS Testing in India

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS Testing) in India: What are my options?

When DNA was discovered, no one knew how that discovery and its subsequent ones in the field would lead to sequencing the entire human genome. This was made possible by Sanger Sequencing Technology that was developed to sequence the entire human genome. However, it took an entire decade to get a final copy of the same. Contrary to this technology, the new age DNA sequencing techniques can decipher a person’s entire genome in just one day! These techniques are collectively called as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS Testing). There are many different platforms, methods and companies that use different techniques of genome sequencing. There are cancer platforms in India that provide discounted NGS Testing as they can be expensive.

But, why is there so much hullabaloo about genome sequencing and the field of genomics? As the human race is evolving, there has been a greater call for targeted and more personalised treatments. While many drugs and treatments remain as the mainstream treatment options, many diseases such as cancer require a more personalised treatment approach wherein, each patient is treated as per his/her case rather than a generalised treatment approach.

NGS testing finds its utility primarily in the field of oncology, among many others because cancer is caused by gene mutations. By understanding a person’s genome and what caused the development of cancer in him/her, will enable the doctor to provide appropriate treatment. When it comes to treatment of cancer, once the mutation or defective gene has been identified using NGS technology, it becomes easier and a more focussed approach to correct, repair or eliminate the gene mutation and treat the individual.

Compared to other gene sequencing techniques used in the past such as Sanger sequencing or real-time PCR techniques, NGS techniques have many advantages:

  • Highly sensitive assays that can detect tumour cells as less as 5%
  • Multiple genes can be targeted and studied at one time
  • Each nucleotide is read multiple times and this makes these tests more specific

NGS testing is also used in India for different types of cancers but mainly used for Breast Cancer Treatment, Pancreatic Cancer Treatment, Sarcoma Cancer Treatment , Colon Cancer Treatment, Lung Cancer Treatment & Ovarian Cancer Treatment.

Here are some companies that are doing phenomenal and pioneering work in the field of Next Generation Sequencing in India for cancer care:

NGS Testing at Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences is pioneer in precision medicine and NGS Testing as it combines new-age, advanced genome profiling technologies with bioinformatics. Caris Lifes Sciences uses its own platforms        that include a revolutionary blood -based biotargeting to molecular testing – all to provide targeted and personalised cancer therapy. The biotargeting system is useful to determine the biotargets causing the disease and development of relevant drugs and diagnostic methods. This is useful not just in cancer but also for other metabolic and genetic diseases.

NGS Testing at Foundation One

Using the NGS Testing techniques, Foundation One performs a comprehensive genomic profiling test to reveal alterations in DNA of a patient that leads to growth and development of cancer. This profiling helps to also determine a personalised treatment plan based on the cancer’s unique genomic profile for that particular patient.

Their tests analyse any cancer for four basic genomic alterations that are possible and can lead to cancer – insertions and deletions, base substitutions, copy number aberrations and alterations and any rearrangements.

The NGS Testing techniques used by Foundation one also provide relevant and useful information about not just the genomic alterations but also relevant biomarkers that are helpful in sarcomas, haematologic cancers and solid tumours.

They believe and one couldn’t agree more that each cancer is different and each tumour varies significantly at the molecular levels, making it difficult to treat them using general treatment options.

NGS Testing at Datar Cancer Genetics

This world-class cancer research facility specialises in molecular oncology and is equipped with advanced process platforms, equipped labs, and a team of bioinformaticians, researchers, oncologists, scientists and other specialists working in the field of oncology.

The mission statement of Datar Cancer Genetics portrays their motivation and determination to defeat cancer. The company is focussed at providing risk-free cancer diagnosis using Trublood NGS Testing– their non-invasive diagnosis technique to diagnose cancer in any part of the body.

They have developed novel strategies to help in the treatment of difficult cancers that relapse, have latent vulnerabilities, when the risk of treatment failure is high and in high-grade metastatic cancers. The company also has developed non-invasive cancer solutions that are “safe, accurate and easy on the patient”.

Apart from diagnosis and treatment, Datar Cancer Genetics also believes in the importance of monitoring the patient during treatment progress. They have their own vigilant monitoring tests that ensures the patients are being routinely monitored, even when radiological monitoring may not be able to detect the minute changes.

Next Generation Sequencing in India has become the mainstay of genomic research and studies. NGS uses many different technologies and each of them is a subject of its own. But, these technologies, collectively, are a boon to the field of oncology and are extremely useful in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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